We offer instant payments tools for small businesses,
and we charge £0.20 per transaction.

That's it! No matter how much you get paid, you get 100% of your money instantly, without paying any card processing fees or waiting for a payout.
Do you know how much you pay to get your own money?
Most small businesses are either ignored or overcharged by big banks or card payment companies. The banks get a cut from sales, and in time, the amount of fees paid grows huge as businesses grow.

When there are no alternatives, the available practice becomes the standard like card payments and no one asks the question why anymore. Many business owners don’t realize how much money they’re losing on card processing fees since these fees are automatically deducted and not paid directly. Before they realize, they end up paying banks a lot more than they think.

We all know that, as a small business owner, your resources are limited. And cash is the single most critical resource you have to run your business.

This is why at Slashpay, we focus on helping you get 100% of your money and get it instantly.
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Why should you try the app?
10 free transactions with no strings attached. Just create an account and give it a try. We don't ask for any card details.
Claim 10 free transactions
Connect your bank account and claim 10 free transactions. It is that simple. No strings attached.
No commitments
No monthly fees, no initial investment. You pay per transaction. That's it.
No hardware needed
Apart from a smartphone, you don't need anything to run our app and get paid.
All you need is a bank account
We use open banking to do account to account payments / transfers. So, a bank account in the UK is all you need, and a smartphone.
Start with "Pay as you go"
10, 50 or 100 transactions. Buy them in advance and pay as you go. That's all.
No hidden fees
We care about transparency. At Slashpay we like making things clear. You see what you're going to pay and you pay it with no surprises. That's all.
Built for people like you.
We know how it feels like to take a risk and make an investment. We feel the frustration you have when you have to find a way to sell more of what you create. And we also know how hard it is to make that sale.

That's why we believe that when you do that sale, you should get all your money and you should get it immediately. And that's also why we work hard to eliminate the fees you pay to get paid and the time you wait to receive your own money.
Find out why our customers love working with us
Get Started in 3 Easy Steps
Create an account
Apply with email address and fill your business details (It takes less than 2 mins). We'll review your application and get back to you instantly.
Connect your bank account
To add the bank account to receive your money, simply choose your bank from the list and authorise in your own banking app.
Start using Slashpay
Download Slashpay app and login with your credentials and start charging customers with 10 free transaction credits on us

If you're using Slashpay integrations, then just login to your dashboard and start charging.
Simple. Fast. Secure. Instant. Worry free.
Get 10 free
transaction credits
Create account in 5 minutes and connect your business bank account.
How to run your business without losing an arm to banks
At Slashpay, we love working with entrepreneurs, risk takers, creators, designers who can still take the challenge of running a business against all odds. And for that, we know that you need solutions that are as new and bold as your approach.

The problem is that every payment corporation that you work with so far wants a cut from your sales which makes you feel frustrated since you have no other choice. Thanks to Open Banking, this is not your only option anymore.

We believe that no business should give away a cut from their revenues just to be able to get paid. We know how hard it is to do that sale and earn that money. That’s why we offer account-to-account payments with Open Banking where you pay only £0.20 per transaction. No card processing fees, no commitments, no chargeback, no hidden fees, no initial investment.

Here’s how it works.
1. Create an account in Slashpay in 2 minutes.
2. Connect the bank account that you want to receive your money.
3. Download the Slashpay app and start charging your customers.

Now, go ahead and create an account, so you can stop paying card fees, start getting your money instantly without waiting for payouts, and use your savings for something else to make your business thrive.
Create an account now
Now, go ahead and create an account, so that you can stop paying card fees, start getting your money instantly without waiting for payouts, and use your savings for something else to make your business thrive.
How do customers pay?
No need to download any apps.
Scan Code
Customers scan the Slashpay QR code with their camera. That opens a browser window.
Choose Bank
On the landing page, they simply choose their bank.
Authorise Payment
Authorise the payment on the banking app. That's it. It takes seconds to complete.
Hello Account to Account Payments!
Super Simple Pricing
£0.20 per transaction
Top Up
  • Get 100 transactions
  • Standard E-mail support
Top Up
Need something else?
  • If you need to top up for more than 5,000 transactions, or if you'd like to switch to post paid model, please get in touch with our sales team.
Get in touch
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is a term used to describe the process of banks and other financial institutions opening up data for regulated providers to access, use and share.

So what does it all mean?

  • For businesses - More effective and efficient financial tools in your business, especially in payments. Which will mean things like freeing up more time and saving you money.
  • For customers - Open banking will mean better ways to spend, borrow, and invest.
What are the key benefits of using Instant Bank Payments?
It simply means better payments solutions for businesses. Businesses could use payment products that improve cash flow, lower costs, increase visibility and control, and reduce fraud.

It also brings better borrowing terms. If you don’t have much credit history, you could end of not being able to qualify getting favourable borrowing terms. But with open banking, your historical bank account data can be accessed by lenders to help better demonstrate your creditworthiness.
What happens if it doesn’t work for me?
While using our services, you have the full control of our relationship. We are always there for you but there are no commitments on your side. That means there are no monthly regular charges or fees. You pay as you use the services and you can stop anytime.
Do my customers need an app to make the payment?
No they don't.

For instant bank payments, they can simply scan the QR code and pay by using their own internet banking app without needing to download anything.
My company is not based in the UK, can I still use Instant bank payments?
Unfortunately, Instant bank payments are available only in the UK for now. We'll be rolling out in more European countries in the second half of 2022.
Do I need to get a new hardware or a device to be able to accept payments with Slashpay POS?
If you have a smart phone, the answer is no. That means you don't need to buy another device, card reader, POS terminal and your smart phone will be enough to accept payments. We assume that your smart phone is able to support the late iOS or Android updates, that's the only requirement.
How long does it take to get my account approved?
We activate accounts on a daily basis. Once you submit your details, we usually get back to you within couple of hours. After that, it is on you to connect your account and start using Slashpay. 
How often will I get paid? What is the frequency of payouts?
With instant bank payments, you get 100% of the payment amount and you get it immediately. There is simply no waiting time for any payouts since the transactions settle on a real time basis and the payment amount arrives to your bank account instantly.

With card payments, it is also up to you to choose within your Stripe account how often you want to have the payouts. It can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on your preference.
How secure is it compared to card payments?
It is bank grade secure. By using on-device authentication to confirm payments, biometrics and the banking app's own security tools, the risk of fraud is dramatically reduced compared to card payments.
Can I decide on which payment method to accept payments?
Yes, we wanted to leave this choice to the business owners instead of your customers. They can still ask for another option but mainly it is you who will choose in between instant bank payments and card payments.
Do I need to have a Stripe account to accept card payments?
Yes. We partner with Stripe and handle all card payments with them. You need to create a Stripe account first, and after that you can connect your Stripe account and start accepting card payments with your phone as well.
Does "Tap card to pay" option work with any smart phone?
Currently "Tap card to pay" function works on all Android based smart phones that have an NFC chip. Unfortunately, Apple does not support 3rd party NFC payments therefore it does not work on iPhones.

Download Slashpay App
Just login to your account and see how your smart phone turns into the only payment device you need to get paid.

Available for iOS and Android.
In case your customers still want to pay by card
With Slashpay app, your phone becomes a POS terminal
  • Tap card to phone (Android)
  • Scan to pay (iOS & Android)
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, Amex and many more...
  • Accept cards from 135 countries and 35+ currencies
  • Choose payout frequency
  • Connect your Stripe account
Tap card to phone
Just like you tap it on a POS terminal. Fast and easy.
Scan to pay
Your customers pay on their own devices having a total control.
Built on Stripe
Accept cards from 135+ countries and 35+ currencies. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, Amex.
No coding, no API required.
Zero cost to try, so much to experience.
Super easy set up
It takes less than 5 minutes to create your account. No set up fees. No nonsense.
Your customers don't need
to install a new app to pay you
They can pay with their banking app, Apple Pay, Google Pay in seconds or pay with their card with a web browser.
You have total control over your payment costs.
No need to worry about what's going to come up. You choose how to get paid, you choose how much to pay. No surprises. No nonsense.