Meet Instant Bank Payments
Built on Open Banking
Dramatic savings in card processing fees

- Best for medium/high value transactions

- Fixed fee per transaction (£0.20)

- Keep 100% of the payment amount.

Instant payouts
5 seconds! That's all it takes for us to move your money from your customers' account to yours right after each transaction. No more waiting for payouts/settlements.
No chargebacks. No regrets.
All transactions with instant bank payments happen instantly with customer biometric authentication. This simply means no chargebacks since no one else can confirm that payment and it secures your money and transactions.
No additional hardware
No POS terminals. No other hardware. Just you and your smart phone.
Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
By using on-device authentication, biometrics and the banking app's own security tools, the risk of fraud is dramatically reduced compared to card payments.
How does it work?
Charge customers in seconds
Login to Slashpay app
Enter amount
or pick from "Quick add" menu
Generate Slashpay QR Code
Ask your customers to scan and pay :)
Customers pay in seconds too
No need to download any apps
to do the payment.
Scan code
Customers scan the Slashpay QR code with their camera
Choose bank
Customers choose their bank for the payment transaction
Authorise Payment
Customers authorise the payment transaction in their own banking app
Simple. Fast. Secure.
Set up in minutes
Start accepting payments
by connecting a bank account
Keep 100% of the payment amount
100% of the payment amount arrives instantly to your bank account with instant bank payments.
Pay a fraction
Save huge amount of transaction fees with instant payments.
Only £0.20 / transaction
Getting Started
Create an account
Enter your name, email address, and main preferences
Connect bank account
Choose a business bank account that you'd like to receive money to
Download Slashpay App
And login with your credentials
Start charging customers with 10 free transaction credits on us
Get 10 free
transaction credits
Create account in 5 minutes and connect your business bank account.
And you can accept card payments too
Meet next-gen
card payments
  • Use your phone as a POS terminal
  • Tap card to phone (Android)
  • Scan to pay (iOS & Android)
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, Amex and many more...
  • Accept cards from 135 countries and 35+ currencies
  • Choose payout frequency
  • Connect your Stripe account
No coding, no API required.
Tap card to phone
Just like you tap it on a POS terminal. Fast and easy.
Scan to pay
Your customers pay on their own devices having a total control.
Built on Stripe
Accept cards from 135+ countries and 35+ currencies. Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, Amex.