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We value

#Sustainability   |  #Borderless-economy   |   #Privacy   |   #Community-development   |   #Giving-back

And we act on them in all business transactions, partnerships and communications we do.


We believe that frustration is the thief of joy.
We get frustrated almost every time we try to pay online or mobile.
And we kept asking ourselves why,
"Does it have to be this much broken and painful?"

One of the most profound choices in life is to either accept things as they exist
or take the responsibility to change them.

So, we decided to create slashpay to change it
to feel the joy of getting what you want again.

Come and join us :)


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We're working for:

Simplicity.   |   Honesty.   |   Caring.   |   Doing good with good people.   |   Joy.   |   Great design.   |   Giving.   |   Feeling in the moment.   |   Creativity.   |   Small businesses.   |   Making life easier.   |   Treating ourselves.   |   Original ideas.   |   Imagination.   |   Impressing those we care about.   |   Kindness.   |   Balance.   |   Nature.


We aim

to create more time for the things and the people you love & to help you buy what you love instantly anywhere, anytime