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anywhere, anytime with #hashtags
in less than 21 seconds


Shop from Social Media

Use hashtags to shop directly from instagram, pinterest, facebook, twitter, snapchat or any other social media app without going through the brand's website, searching for the product, adding it to the basket, entering shipment or payment information. 


Use words

1. Type a /name
2. Enter #hashtag
3. Enter PIN to confirm. That's all.

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Simple and humanized

Can you remember the QR code of the thing that you liked on the billboard when you go home?
SlashPay uses simple, accepted and humanized technology.

What you love

When you love at first sight,
When you've got to have it,
When you're not likely to see it again,
When it feels so right,
Use the hashtags to buy anything you want immediately.

in less than 21 seconds

With Direct Payments, all you need to do is to pick the Seller and enter the amount. It feels almost like contactless payments where you don't have to pick up a card out of your wallet.

the ones you care

The perfect way to gift or surprise someone without needing to know their shipping address, bank account or even what he/she might like. Send a gift card and SlashPay handles the rest.

Watch how it works